Your Child, OUR Life’s Work


Q: Are you open on weekends?

A: Yes! Asheville Children’s Medical Center is open every day of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. We also have early morning walk in clinics (no appointment necessary) and evening clinic hours Monday through Friday.

Q: What if I’m late for my appointment?

A: Our office policy is that you must be here within 10 minutes of your appointment time or we will have to reschedule.  If you feel like you are going to be later than the 10 minutes please call our office and let us know so we can reschedule your appointment.

Q: Can I get a same day appointment?

A: For most sick visits, we will be able to see your child the same day. All Well Care visits must be scheduled in advance.

Q: What ages do you see patients?

A: Asheville Children’s Medical Center is here for your child from birth to 21 years of age.

Q: Do you accept all insurance?

A: Asheville Children’s Medical Center will file most insurances as a courtesy to you. Please see the billing page of this website or call our billing office at 828-258-0969 for a list of insurance companies we are in network with. You should also contact your insurance company to verify.

Q: Can I pay my bill online?

A: Not yet! You may call the billing office and pay by phone. Asheville Children’s Medical Center is working diligently to become set up to take online payments. Keep checking back!

Q: How much do you charge for a circumcision?

A: $275. This cost must be paid in full before the procedure is done.

Q: Does a circumcision have to be done at Asheville Children’s Medical Center?

A: No, the procedure may be done on a newborn at the hospital or in our office.

Q: Will the doctors fill out forms for daycare, sports physicals, etc.?

A: Yes! If you bring the form with you to the appointment, our doctors will make every effort to fill them out. If you need to bring the forms back to the office, it is a 2-3 business day turn around.

Q: Can I meet the doctors in your office before I decide if I want to bring my child?

A: Absolutely! Asheville Children’s Medical Center offers FREE Pre Natal Consultations and Free meet and greets with the doctors before you choose to transfer your child’s medical care to our practice.